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Recently, my office changed the dress code to limit graphic tees throughout the week. This isn’t a bad thing, of course; we’re a professional office with clients who pop in all the time, so we need to look professional. Pretty important stuff.

But how am I supposed to profess my love of Sailor Moon without my Trainer Jupiter tee? How am I supposed to promote reading without my Read Harder v-neck?

Here’s some options for flying your fangirl flag while living with a business casual dress code.

Jewelry and Accessories
This is my go-to thing to do, actually. I have one of those sailor moon pendant sets as well as a selection of book and computer earrings. I also have a few of those rubber bracelets but those don’t look as geek professional as some of the other jewelry options. I particularly like my earrings that are little stacks of books.

Hair accessories, belts, scarves, bags, and ties are also amazing for showing your inner geek in a really subtle way. Etsy has some of the best items, but ThinkGeek and even Hot Topic can be great resources for geeky accessories. I have a Kiki’s Delivery Service purse I got from Hot Topic that looks like an ordinary brown purse unless you see the little cat head sticking up.

This can vary based on where you work and what you’re wearing with it, but it’s a generally accepted fact that converse go perfectly well with dress pants and TeeFury has shoes. If you look around, you can even find heels that are subtly referencing your favorite fandoms.

Nail Art
Right now, I’ve got a french tip with a red base and gold tips and a bright glittery blue dot. That’s right: Iron Man-icure. There are lots of tutorials online for doing nail art but you really only need to use the widely recognized color scheme. You could do sets if they’re more recognizable as a team.

This can be a little tricky to pull off because you don’t want to wear too much makeup at the office, but subtle color combinations are really key for this effort. Others might not recognize what you’re doing with this, but you’ll know and that’s what’s really important.

So those are my recommendations. Feel free to DIY it up, too. Make your own Avengers hair bows, Anime jewelry, and Doctor Who-painted Vans. You could even sell that stuff on Etsy.

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